Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whitetail secrets!

I marvel at the Whitetail deer and the complexity of the species!  If you pursue this big game, how better to succeed than to know your folly.  The book Whitetails Rites of Autumn breaks down deer behavior and is loaded with professional photos.  It's an older book, from 2003.  Charles J. Alsheimer is the author and you can see his photographs in some current hunting magazines.  He has other books available on his website.


I like this book because it explains the moon phases as they pertain to hunting.  I've witnessed the affects of moon phases on wildlife and it often motivates me to hunt more. Deer still move during daylight hours on "low activity" predicted days, but occasionally you want to plan a weekend hunting out of town and why not increase your odds of success!   Weather is always another factor which can dramatically affect movement, but that's a whole other topic!

 We've been using a calendar with moon phase predictions on it for 3 years now.  Bill Kinney Trophy Whitetails has breath taking photos of bucks.  Each day is marked "L", "F", "G", "B". Theses represent low, fair, good or best.  When the rut starts to kick in, these movement predictions are very helpful.  So consider the calendar as a hunting tool!  They are good quality and have an optional rustic wood frame they slide into.

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