Monday, January 31, 2011

The neighbor plans to log!

I've been trying to savor the gorgeous giant pines on our neighbor's land, since he recently told us his intent to have things logged this winter.  I've squeezed in a few trips to the woods via snowshoe.  I took this shot of the towering reds with remnants of a deer stand on the larger of the two.
Sorry for the poor lighting, I get out whenever I can!  Sometimes it's dusk.  These trees are so awesome,  they deserve a pic.  I wonder who hunted here, and how long ago.  The stand seems to have "grown up" some! 

The impending logging is gonna rock our hunting world.  But that's what keeps it interesting, right?  Ok, I won't lie... it's gonna take a lot of work to figure things out.  And I was REALLY getting used to my reliable "tall stand" and we were thrilled with our doe producing corner stand.  Oh well, how lucky are we to have such gracious neighbors?!!!

When making my snowshoe loop, I stumbled upon this peculiar sight. 

Yeah, it's a barb wire fence that appears to have been shot into the tree.  That's one old broke down fence! But in reality, how old is it?  It's an oak, that sucker has been there a LONG time.   This, by the way, is one boundary we don not cross. 
Weird, huh?  I hope I'm not the only person that thinks this is cool.  I just had to share!

Here's a shot of critter tracks.  This is all I've got to show.  I haven't seen a deer in months!  It's still nice to get out and poke around the woods.  Cabin fever is setting in! 

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  1. Love the tracks! Bummer about the trees though!