Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Diamond Bows

I found this information on the Obsession Archery blog.  I'm still not sure how they got it!


2011 Diamond Dead Eye

"For 2011, Diamond is releasing their flagship bow called the Diamond Dead Eye. This will be a high end bow with very high end features. They've taken the best things from the Bowtech Destroyer and created an awesome single cam bow. You get a bow with the new Throttle Cam, 6.125 inch brace height, and perfect 32 inch axle to axle length and a blistering 343 fps IBO Speed.  Not to mention 7 layer laminated limbs, FLX Guard, built in string stop, rotating draw length module and more."

New 2011 Diamond Fugitive

"The new 2011 Diamond Fugitive changes everything in single cam bows. First you get a true 337fps IBO speed with a 6.5 inch brace height and 32 inch axle to axle length. This is the perfect hunting bow at and incredible price. Many $800 bows cannot achieve 337fps. What more could you ask for. You get a complete package bow ready to hunt any animal on this continent or any other."

2011 Diamond Outlaw Compound Bow

"Diamond has certainly set the bow industry on it's ear again. For 2011, the are releasing the Diamond Outlaw. This bow offers unbelievable features in a package price that has never been seen before. Not only do you get blistering speeds of 330fps IBO in a single cam bow, you also get a full package ready to hunt. The R.A.K package comes with a sight, rest, stabilizer, quiver, peep and wrist sling. The axle-to-axle is 32 inches and the brace height is 7 inches. This means the rest of the industry will have to step up their game and try to catch up with Diamond and their parent company Bowtech Archery."

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  1. The bowtech guardian is made totally different than any other bow that you will have ever shot. Not only does the bow have parallel limbs, but also in the middle it has a limb type roller, which Bowtech calls center pivot/riser technology. This allows the limb to bend and flex in the middle versus completely through the limb. The center-limb bracing point, distributes load evenly, eliminating the typical "diving board" effect.