Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Updates

Cabin fever has set in rather hard this year.
It seems like record low temps & ample
snow have most hunters complaining
of how they were "robbed"
of the late season hunting.  
Sign up for the winter archery league
at Northridge next week.  It'll get you
away from the Outdoor Channel reruns.
You'll improve your shooting
and visit with others about the crappy weather.
I just wanted to remind folks that the
MN DNR is advising us to NOT feed the deer.
Please read this article about the topic:
I never knew "grain overload" was an issue!
Other News:
Bowtech will be announcing the new product line
 on Monday at the ATA show in Tennessee.
Watch their website or Youtube for updates!
They have really cool apparel online,
so check that out too. I'm loving the hat clips!
Plus they carry Carbon Knight shirts & have
a sketched bow shirt on clearance!
Isn't the youth jack-a-lope shirt adorable???
 BowTech Youth Jack-A-Lope TeeB80236-Youth

Friday, December 13, 2013


Here is what NOT to do with your hunting blind:
Stupid. I know.
But after some digging & dusting off...
she came back to life.
Not without defect however!
3 broken poles & 2 rips
So instead of taking it down,
I figured we might as well leave it
for one or two last late season hunts.
We don't have much to lose at this point!
I also took a walk to our closest stand.

I shoveled it off, hoping it would melt
off clean if the temps ever rise.
Then we'd have another hunting option.
There seemed to be no tracks in a typical
crossing area here, but there were tracks in
closer to the stand.  So now that I made a path to it,
maybe they'll start using the trail again!
Good luck in your late season hunting ventures.
They are often brief, but beautiful!
I never would have noticed the lovely flakes if
it weren't for my walk in the woods!



Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wild Goose Chase

This isn't archery related,
but any outdoors man will get a kick out of it!
There was a evil scheme to ruin my peaceful morning view.
The plan was: one guy shoot from the dock landing to
get the flock airborne & nail them as they fly over the
ambush location (beaver dam).
The geese took off in the exact opposite direction than expected.
One goose was frozen to the ice or something.  He was caught in the
shot intended to flush them & accidently hit!
Then began the WILD GOOSE CHASE.
Our partially frozen lake was not safe for the overweight
hunting dog or anyone for that matter!
Idea #1~ snag the goose with a fishing lure.

Epic Fail.

Idea #2~risk lives by breaking ice with canoe.

special note~ make brother-in-law do all the work,
after all he did shoot the goose!

Here is a 4 second video of the process..
my camera card was almost full.
And a heartfelt photo of Jason's concern for Steve's frostbite.
He's sharing his gloves.

Only in Minnesota.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pontoon 3D

Jason conjured up a unique little event for a few of us the other evening.  We shot our bows from on the lake!  A few rounds on our little Mud lake took us by the 3D targets & gave us some challenging shots.

This was a great way to practice yardage.  Other obstacles were the slight boat rocking & the coasting movement.  We lost a few arrows, but it was worth it!  I hope you get creative in YOUR shooting & think of some ways to keep it interesting.  In the end, it pays to challenge yourself.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Still Winter

This winter has been long,
a far cry from last year.
In 2012, the winter severity
index was a mere 18.
That's the second lowest since
the DNR began keeping record.
How do they decide the winter severity index?
A point is recorded for each time the temperature
 is below zero during a 24-hour period,
each day the snow depth is greater than 15 inches.
Here is a link to the MN map with WSI counts:
It place us at about a 41-50.
Anything over 100 will hinder wildlife.
It appears northern Minnesota had some
higher numbers than east central.
Want to read more about this topic?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Turkey Time

April 17 is turkey opener in Minnesota.
I didn't realize 45,000 folks hunt for turkey in our state!
Last year 11,000+ birds were shot.
Don't forget to real through the DNR turkey info!
Remember youth under 17 can purchase a turkey
tag over the counter!
The turkey population is very good
and I've seen several strutting already
along the roadsides.
Pinned Image
Jason has been seeking out the new
Primos Bombshell call. Have you heard of it???
It's hard to find, even Cabelas & Fleet Farm were sold out.
This call is totally awesome!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


We have an 2013 Bowtech Experience in for you to try.
It is a super smooth draw, quiet, forgiving bow.
32" Axel to Axel
335 feet per second
26.5 to 31" draw
4.2 pounds
FLX guard
Overdrive Binary
Carboncore limbs
2 piece wood grip
Octane factory string
split buss cable
Extinguish dampening system
I tested it and my groups were consistently tight.
Jason loves the smooth draw.