Sunday, April 21, 2013

Still Winter

This winter has been long,
a far cry from last year.
In 2012, the winter severity
index was a mere 18.
That's the second lowest since
the DNR began keeping record.
How do they decide the winter severity index?
A point is recorded for each time the temperature
 is below zero during a 24-hour period,
each day the snow depth is greater than 15 inches.
Here is a link to the MN map with WSI counts:
It place us at about a 41-50.
Anything over 100 will hinder wildlife.
It appears northern Minnesota had some
higher numbers than east central.
Want to read more about this topic?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Turkey Time

April 17 is turkey opener in Minnesota.
I didn't realize 45,000 folks hunt for turkey in our state!
Last year 11,000+ birds were shot.
Don't forget to real through the DNR turkey info!
Remember youth under 17 can purchase a turkey
tag over the counter!
The turkey population is very good
and I've seen several strutting already
along the roadsides.
Pinned Image
Jason has been seeking out the new
Primos Bombshell call. Have you heard of it???
It's hard to find, even Cabelas & Fleet Farm were sold out.
This call is totally awesome!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


We have an 2013 Bowtech Experience in for you to try.
It is a super smooth draw, quiet, forgiving bow.
32" Axel to Axel
335 feet per second
26.5 to 31" draw
4.2 pounds
FLX guard
Overdrive Binary
Carboncore limbs
2 piece wood grip
Octane factory string
split buss cable
Extinguish dampening system
I tested it and my groups were consistently tight.
Jason loves the smooth draw.