Monday, April 23, 2012


Yesterday was THEE best 3D shoot ever. 
 Okay, maybe I'm just excited because it's the first one of the year. 
 The weather held out & it was just about ideal. 
 No bugs & we found no ticks!
The course was absolutely AWESOME!!!

Shooting at the mosquito was difficult, once it started to swing!

You see that?  Right in the middle of the photo?
It's my arrow, about 30 feet up in a tree.
I was lucky that Al retrieved it for me after the shoot with a ladder!

Some very challenging shots were arranged. 

A little chiseling was required!

Small details in the target set up made the event unique.
That's one hungry wolf!

Thanks to everyone that attended.
If you missed it, mark your calendar for the next one.
 May 12 & 13 @ Northridge Archery Range
Finlayson, MN
League shooters from this winter get $5 off admission & kids $2.50 off.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wired To Hunt

Today I'm sharing a great website that I just stumbled upon.  It's called Wired To Hunt.

They have a really nice article about antler sheds, including "how they lay" photos & location descriptions.
The Sheds of 2012

The blog also features a post about  Whitetail Slam, which a new term to me!  Do YOU know what it is???  If not, you better read up & know your hunting lingo.

Lastly, make sure you read Can Turkey Hunting Help You As A Deer Hunter.  With the gobbler season upon us, you'll be more aware of what you're experiencing.  Often we get tunnel vision on our prey. 

Good luck turkey hunting!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter In Iowa

We took a little time out from the Easter weekend to poke around in the Iowa outdoors.  There was woodlines to follow & plenty of deer tracks.  It's a nice change of pace to be in a different state.

What did we find?

A very sad, chewed up antler.  I didn't have a chance near a racoon infested old barn.  Not to mention the walnut loving squirrels all around.  It still counts as a shed find, none the less!  It's our first in Iowa!

Monday, April 2, 2012

State Shoot 2012

Wow, it was an awesome and exhausting weekend.  With 16 shooters at the State Indoor Competition, we were busy watching folks all weekend!  Everyone did great, especially the 7 year old Nic that took home a 1st place plaque.

How cute is he?  The only young man in the state that was brave enough to shoot with finger tabs (in his age bracket).  That courage earned him first place AND his personal BEST SCORE YET.  Well done Nic!  His sister Brennyn also shot her personal BEST SCORE YET at the event.  Bravo!

An unexpected death in the family tied up our babysitter (grandma) and so little Marshal had to tag along on the trip. He did pretty good, but by Sunday afternoon was plumb tuckered out!

We want to give a shout out to all the ambitious shooters and their family members that showed up.  It's a grand event that can only be appreciated by experiencing it.  The MSAA & Bemidji Archery Club did a fabulous job.

Cindy & Jane both won bows in a $5 raffle drawing there.  We were so thrilled to drive home with a new Hoyt Rampage.  Cindy scored the Mission Riot. 

If you didn't come along, consider joining in the fun next spring!  Now that Northridge league is done, we'll see you at the first outdoor 3D event April 21 & 22nd!  You can pick up your league average key chains at that time as well.  The winter league banquet is a potluck, planned for April 21 at 4:00 (at Northridge).  Hope to see all of you there!