Friday, December 13, 2013


Here is what NOT to do with your hunting blind:
Stupid. I know.
But after some digging & dusting off...
she came back to life.
Not without defect however!
3 broken poles & 2 rips
So instead of taking it down,
I figured we might as well leave it
for one or two last late season hunts.
We don't have much to lose at this point!
I also took a walk to our closest stand.

I shoveled it off, hoping it would melt
off clean if the temps ever rise.
Then we'd have another hunting option.
There seemed to be no tracks in a typical
crossing area here, but there were tracks in
closer to the stand.  So now that I made a path to it,
maybe they'll start using the trail again!
Good luck in your late season hunting ventures.
They are often brief, but beautiful!
I never would have noticed the lovely flakes if
it weren't for my walk in the woods!