Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Invasion is coming!

Have you visited the Bowtech website?  It’s a surreal environment where all you can hear is your heartbeat.  But every once in a while, the bird chirps make you stop and look around! I’m not kidding, you have got to visit this website to believe it!

Here is what I found for possible details of their flagship bow; The INVASION

“Careful inspection of the image shows a few very interesting things.  The riser reaches way back onto the limbs and appears to be some type of center pivot configuration.  The cams look decidedly Destroyer-like and are definitely Overdrive Binary.  The limbs look like they are pre-loaded split limbs and there is a possible FLX Guard in use as well.  Bowtech is still sticking to it’s guns about not releasing this bow until January 6th 2011 at the ATA show in Indianapolis.”

That's only a few days away, so stay tuned!!!  There is so much hype about this bow, it's hard not to be curious.  I expect big things from Bowtech and we surely will not be disappointed!

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