Monday, January 3, 2011

Snowshoe adventure

On New Years day, my son and I went out on a snowshoe adventure.  We both upgraded our snowshoes last year to lightweight modern style ones.  Daddy's old wooden ones are nostalgic, but stinkin' heavy.  Anyhow, we searched for critter sign.  We found where a fox ate a rabbit, discussed different animal tracks and were fascinated by the snow blowing swiftly by us low to the ground over the hard crust.  It looks creepy and magical. 

We didn't see a lot of deer sign.  But I encourage folks to get outside with your kids this winter.  It's always a good idea to teach them your property boundary, explain the bordering owners, and quiz them on tree varieties.  I like to explain that the grouse eat off the Alder trees and show that Oak trees hold there leaves.  You get the idea.  We didn't find any deer beds this trip, but Preston's seen them in the past.  It's an eye opener for kids to see were a deer actually slept...out in the elements.  Plus it won't be long there will be antlers out in the forest for us to discover!!! I can't wait!

This is a dilapidated old duck blind he'd never seen.

 Look carefully, you can see the start of a perfect circle!

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