Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sunday, Feb. 27th I went out snowshoeing again for antlers.  No luck. Again.

I did, however, find lots of winter wonderland!  I just savor every moment in the woods, and find beauty and wonder in the oddest sights!
But back to shed hunting, I did see lots of deer sign.
There were lots of beds to check.
And I did manage to get one totally blurry pic of a whitetail!

But it didn't matter, because I was captivated by the river's beauty!

And I kid you not: I saw about 20 ducks!  Yes, on Feb. 27!  They flew off, and returned again shortly.  They must have been seeking other open water.

The tiny mice tracks made a nimble path near a spent wildflower.

And I was totally stoked to see where the otters had slid into the river!

Unfortunately, my camera would not focus on the other shore!

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