Monday, March 7, 2011

Cub shooters banquet update

The Cub league shooters are done for the year.  The banquet was a fun way to end it, and we hope everyone had a great time.  The kids got a chance to shoot at some 3D animals, and practice scoring their shots. 

They also played tic-tac-toe, archery style!

The ping pong and ball bin balls were a HUGE hit.  Many kids were successful at this, which goes to show what great shots they've become!

Here is a super quick clip of a near hit on the floating ball they shot at. 

There were some great products donated by BOWTECH & HHA & PRIMOS.  Northridge gave out hats and we threw in a stabilizer and a folding hunting chair.  Check out the spread:

The trophies were awarded on Saturday also.  So we congratulate the winners!  They were well earned. 

I love the above photo, which features our only female Cub this year.  She used a recurve! 

Thanks to all the parents for bringing their kids faithfully each week.  We hope to see some of them throughout the summer at our 3D shoots.  Let's hope they all become ethical hunters someday and enjoy the sport of archery for a lifetime!

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