Friday, March 11, 2011

Crock Pot Venison

I love the idea of set it and forget it.  So today I'm featuring a crock pot recipe for Swiss Style Venison Steak.  The recipe comes out of the 2007 East Central PTO cookbook.

Start out with about a 2 pound venison roast.  Add some vege oil to a skillet and get that started heating up.

Cut it with a good sharp knife into thin slices.

Next you'll salt, pepper and flour each piece.  Brown each side. Meanwhile slice a big onion.

When they're just browned (not cooked all the way), remove them from the pan.  Add onions and fry them up.

Mix up your sauce while frying onions. 
*one can cream of mushroom soup
*1 Tblsp steak sauce
*1/2 cup broth

This is a lumpy sauce.  I put a little in the bottom of the crock pot. Then start with a layer of meat, then top it with some onions.  Repeat this until everything is stacked.  I had to make two stacks, so it wouldn't tip over.

Finally, top with the sauce.  I know, it looks gross.   IT'S NOT!

Leave cooking on low in the crock pot for about 8 hours. 

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