Monday, February 21, 2011


I braved the wind yesterday in hopes of finding an antler tine poking up out of the crusty snow.  No luck, but it was an enjoyable snowshoe trip regardless!

We have an awesome spot, with mega deer trails everywhere.  We went to this location too late last year and it was horrible mud.  

 I found a turkey feather, which are so huge and beautiful.  Then a few minutes later, spotted dozens of turkeys running up a hill about 80 yards away!

I did my best impression of a turkey call.  To my surprise they made some weird noises back at me!

It seems that the turkeys are wintering by the corn fields and eating well!

Here is the link to all the spring turkey hunt information!

Further into my trek, I spotted wolf tracks!  My cell phone is huge, so you can see how big the track was.

I doesn't surprise me, that the wolves are smart enough to find where the deer winter! 

I found more buck rubs than I've EVER seen in a locations.  There were a dozen in this tiny brush clump.

The following pic is one on a branch!  I've never seen that before!  Almost like it got in his way and made him mad!

Likewise, I've never seen a birch tree rub!

The deer that did this HAD to have been a dandy!

If you find any sheds, don't forget to post a photograph on our Otter Trail Archery facebook page!

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