Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our land in Cook

There is a TON of snow in Cook, up on the Iron Range.  The deer will have a tough winter and it's bound to affect our hunting next year.
Jason had to shovel just to get the gate open a crack!

Smokey could hardly move about.  She even attempted to slide on her belly like an otter!  It was very comical, for us at least.

The snow had formed huge clumps on trees, which we had to navigate the forest accordingly.  Some were so big, that if they fell on you it would knock you down!

I feel so bad for the wildlife.  Just to cross the road, they have to climb up and over 5-8 foot snowbanks!

It was so hard to snowshoe.  We have never seen snow this deep.  It will be months before we can get up there to search for antlers!

So, for lack of mobility we dug out a small area and had a fire instead! 
And to top my birthday off, we had an always awesome meal at the Montana Cafe in the adorable town of Cook!  We lived up here for several years and I still adore the small town atmosphere and rugged outdoors.  It was a good trip, despite the glitches.  Like Jason forgetting his snow boots and forking out $25 at L&M for cheapies!  And the ridiculously deep snow was also an unexpected factor.  But Jason did manage to scare up two deer and I just enjoy capturing photos of anything and everything NATURE!             

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