Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Some products just make life easier.  Having a secure arm that you can hang your bow on in a tree stand is a God-sent.  It saves you from holding your bow for hours or having it across your legs with risk of it sliding off.  There are two lengths available.  One has two segments, the other has three. 
The longer one is worth the extra few dollars, because it brings that bow out into the ideal position.  Then, minimal movement is required to grab your weapon when the deer are suspicious! 

The screw it tip is extremely easy to attach, with an aggressive tread.  The photo below has a hanger with gear hooks.  Check your hanger carefully if this is an option you're looking for, since they don't all have that.

The hanger has a dull camo green finish, to reduce glare and blend into the environment.

The bow holding end has a rubberized hook for maximum grip and no slipping.  The hook comes up and around for a guaranteed hold.  Just remember to gently lift your bow up and over, when it's time to shoot.
The protective coating also prevents scratches to your bow's finish.

Primos makes bow hangers also. They make make a mini and a 20".  REALTREE makes three; standard, long and 3-arm.  The one featured here in our photographs is the 3-arm.

The pivoting section is appropriately stiff, so it won't be easily bumped out of position or swing. 

Once you use an EZ Hanger, you'll want one for each tree stand!  They are a great gift for someone that might already have all their hunting gear, because you can never have too many of these!

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