Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Companies for Christ

I have to hand to the companies that show no restraint when it comes to their religious beliefs!  The most impressive is Diamond and Bowtech.  They print a bible verse on every single bow box!

Just think of what a national reach this has! 

And the X-Factor ran two bible references on it's ad in our archery supply product book this year!
Philippians 4:13 seems to be a popular one, did you see it's on the bow boxes too?

Not just for archers, the Christian Deer Hunters Association is a nice organization.

They handed out these cards at the MN Deer Classic Show and we've had them hung in our shop for a few years now.

 A tip I like to give hunters is carry a Gideon pocket testament in your backpack.  They slip easily into a shirt pocket when hunting.  These tiny little bibles are great pass times for the many hours spent in the deer stand hunting. 

Now this will floor ya, a bow made for believers! Look carefully to see the fish!  It also has a cross on the riser and Believer printed on it.

There is an organization called the Christian Bowhunters of America.

The list goes on with the Christian Outdoorsman, an online community.

Searching the web, I also found The Sportsmens Devotional.

And if you're looking for a basic hunting blog, try Hunting365.
This blog features many varieties of hunting, with some really great stories.  He also has some informative features, if you search the archives. 

I just tipped the iceberg on this topic.  These companies all deserve a look and can use support in a competitive market .  Hopefully, what I've posted will give folks some Internet connections to a more biblical hunting world! 

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