Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MEA Outdoors!

We took a breather from the archery shop for MEA school vacation.  This four day weekend allowed us to head up north for some superior grouse hunting.  It's pretty exciting to say Preston shot his first grouse &  a few more after that!

The rut activity was nil up north.  All I can report to you is that we found beds, saw a nice doe & an old skull.

We put up a killer stand in Cook for the early November bow hunt that we have planned. 

My new *mega* stand got the final touches, even though I won't hunt out of that until the 3rd weekend of rifle.  That is, IF I don't fill out by then. 

The kids had a blast making forts in the woods.  I consider this proper training for the young future hunters!

Well, hopefully you had a fun weekend as well.  Maybe there were some successful hunts, or interesting sits in the woods.  Thanks to all of our customers, for understanding that family time is important to us.  

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