Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bedded Buck

We had good action in the woods tonight!  I dropped Preston off at his blind.  It looked pretty good tucked in a pine along the field edge.

My stand was only about 100 yards from him.  I climbed it and sat for a while.  The church bells play at 6:00pm everyday, so that's always a nice time reminder.  Then,  I spotted a fawn.  Before I knew it, the mom was in front of me & I let one fly.  It was a close miss, right under her.  Preston had frantic deer running back in forth on the field.  He wasn't sure what was going on.  Moments later, with another arrow nocked, I spotted the flick of a tail!  Could it be?  YES.....a buck!  I watched this fella bed down & chew his cud about 40 yards away.  It was surreal.

THIS IS WHY I HUNT!  Experience nature, undetected.  After he got up, I proceeded to have 9 deer within about 30 yards of me (at one time).  One spike, two button bucks, this 6, does & fawns. One big doe has triplets. With so many eyes scanning the woods, there was no way to draw back on another one.  That brings me to a total of 11 deer tonight.  Preston saw two out by him, but he chose not to shoot.  I could see them from my stand, grazing out in the field. 

I hope you enjoy my pics! Good luck hunters!

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