Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Lull

Are you feeling it?  The "October Lull" is putting me to sleep!  The weather is finally starting to cool down & we're inching closer to pre-rut.  At least the leaves are off & you can see farther.  Now, before you start to yawn....check this video out.

20 Shots

That's right!  Things will pick up & it's gonna get good.  You'll see more of this....

...and a lot less of this~

sleeping hunter

What is the October lull?  Some say the deer are staying in the forests, hitting mostly acorns for forage.  Others say that the full moon lulls activity.  The truth of the matter is, the rut will come.  The bachelor groups should be starting to spar & go their own ways.  Things are gonna change & deer are gonna move.  Are you ready? 

Keep shooting, don't forget to consistently throw arrow.  When the time comes, you usually only get one shot.  It needs to be like second nature.

Practice yardage estimates.  If you have a rangefinder, while sitting in the stand pick a tree guess the distance & check yourself.  This will make you well prepared when the "big one" passes by your 20 yard tree.

Dress in layers.  It's getting cooler. We can put away the Thermacell and break out the gloves & fleece.  Have your grunt ready & start thinking what scent you'll get.  Make a mock scrape.  Hang a drip bag.

Watch the does. You might be passing on does right now.  The truth is that when the rut hits, the bucks are seeking does.  If you know where the does are, that's a good place to be.

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