Saturday, August 6, 2011

We are "plotting" something!

Have you started your fall food plots?  We decided to throw in a "mini plot" by the house. With our business, it can be tricky getting out to hunt in the fall.  This location will at least ensure our 11 year old can get out often!  He'll be turning 12 before archery season.  He's pretty pumped to have his Firearms Safety Training all wrapped up & hit the field.

Jason mowed a large area behind the house, then disced a small section up good. 

Due to the time crunch, we opted out of weed killer.

We chose this site, because it has been attracting deer for us already.  They like the mowed area just beyond our yard.  It has some clover there & it's near our Trophy Rock salt block.  Here is a visitor we had a few weeks ago.  We have since seen bigger bucks around.

Isn't he cute?  I really enjoy watching these guys come hunting season.  We let them pass, but our son would likely shoot him.  But with the luck kids often have, he could shoot a big one!

The plot is tucked in a corner by the lake.  A nearby beaver dam is a natural funnel between the upper & lower lake.  We'll have deer, the question is whether or not the bucks will stay nocturnal.  It's hard to have a deer camera up so close to the house, with dogs running around.  But at least it'd be easy to check!

We chose a bag of Shot Plot, for fast growing results.  It runs $12 for a bag.

Good seed-to-soil contact is key, so Jason ran it over with the four wheeler.

We'll let you know how it grows & hopefully post some pictures of our visitors later on!

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