Friday, August 12, 2011


Ross is back on it's own, after being owned by Bowtech briefly.  They sent us a Crave 31.5 to test for a month.  We'd like some of you to shoot it and see give us some feedback.

They're out of Olathe, Kansas. The company is trying regain it's presence in the archery world.  The website only lists 4 dealers in Minnesota so far!

Since Jason up and sold my Black Ice out from under me one day, I've been shooting up this Ross.  It's zippee & accurate.  We both agree the grip is ultra comfy.  It looks blocky, but they definitely engineered it right! They call it Slimline.

An aluminum riser with a skeletal design makes it a mere 3.8 pounds in weight.

80% let off. 31.5 inches in length.  Comes in 50, 60, 70 pound draw weights.  Extra wide shelf & huge sight window.   The dual cams have a rock SOLID back wall when drawn, you 've got to shoot it to believe it!!!  It's draw length is adjustable from 26-30" with modules. 

Ours is set at 28"

Winner's Choice string & cable

Realtree AP camo

String stop

Dual locking pivoting limb pockets

I love this picture!

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