Friday, August 26, 2011


Every hunter knows Muzzy, it's considered the "old reliable" broadhead. The company has been around the late 1970's and is now located in Georgia. The name "Muzzy" is actually the late founder John Mussacchia Sr.'s high school nickname!

Muzzy Office & Facility
 They have a good hunting show called Bad To The Bone, and the Muzzy  website gives details on all the products available.  The rest they've created,  called the X-Celerator, is one of a kind.  It's a unique design uses a rigid attachment to the downward cable to bring the rest up at full draw and drive it out of the way of the arrow.  It makes sense, just looks pretty crazy. 

Up until the last year, Jason & I both shot Muzzy.  Jason used MX-4 & I was 4 Blade 100s.  The only reason we changed is to try new products, so we can tell our customers from experience.  Mid season I got some NAP Bloodrunner 3Blade.  But when I shot them, I was 5 inches off.  So, the Muzzys went back on my arrows!  Maybe this year I'll have the patience to deal with the others. 

Jason has been using Spitfire expandables.  He shot two deer with one last year, just to test the durability.  They do what they say, cutting a huge hole. 

What do you shoot for broadheads?  The market is ever-changing.  PhatHead make the thickest blade. SlickTrick has a "super short" length.  Grim Reapers feature Tracrazor tips that pulverize bone like a scalpel.
NAP Bloodrunner has a plunger style expandable trigger.  Steel Force Premium  have lifetime free sharpening.  Crimson Talon has spiral blades. Thunderhead Edge are serrated.

There are so many broadheads, it can be overwhelming.  If you just can't choose & want a fair price.  The basic Muzzy come in 6 packs.  The price for 6 is often equivalent to some of the new trendy broadhead 3 packs.  Once you get them, the replacement blades are affordable. 

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