Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ThermaCELL Is Swell

I can hardly describe the annoyance I felt pre-fireworks this holiday.  We have one TWO ThermaCELLs & do you think I could find one?  I tore the garage & shop apart.  Surely one of the units returned from turkey hunting & deer stand building this spring. I nearly severing my finger off, by digging through Rubbermaid totes in the dimly lit corner of the garage. It had a bow saw placed inside, no sheath, blade side up.  At that point, I chose NOT to have a holiday accident, pushed the fishing rod I'd broken out of the way, and tromped back to the pending festivity.  Reluctantly I gave myself & the children an extreme soak-down of Deet spray.  But for some reason, the smell of bug dope slightly tainted the holiday spirit.  I could only image myself sitting with my feet propped up whistling happily as American Pride erupted happily in the air. 

The ThermaCELL.....

If you don't have one.....

Get one!

At our shop the olive colored unit runs $23.99, camo is $27.99.  There is a holster & value packs of refills available as well.

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