Friday, July 1, 2011

Shutdown Effects

How will the Minnesota state shutdown impact us as outdoorsmen?

1. The sale of all fishing, hunting and trapping licenses, including online and telephone sales, will be suspended as of midnight, June 30. Likewise, no boat, ATV or other licenses will be sold.

2. Licensed anglers can continue to fish. All existing rules and regulations will be in force. A mid-season walleye fishing regulation adjustment on Lake Mille Lacs will be delayed or cancelled depending upon the length of the shutdown.

3. Open burning and the open burning permit systems are suspended during the shutdown. There are a few exceptions.

4. State Forests: Forest roads and trails are open unless gated or posted closed. However, roads and trails are not being maintained during the shutdown. State forest lands are open for dispersed activities (e.g., bird watching, hiking). Please be especially mindful of all safety guidelines.

For more information, visit these helpful websites.

I hope this doesn't last until fall,  which seems unlikely.  That could ruin fall hunting for residents.

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