Friday, June 3, 2011

Trophy Rocks

It's that time of year to get out & replace the mineral blocks.  We have two locations on the land by our home, and also two at our hunting land up north.  The best product for attracting & keeping them coming is the Trophy Rock.  It's long lasting, saturates the area, and supplies the minerals to wildlife. 

It's reassuring to know the bear won't eat it like a tick-tack. We've had issues with our deer cane disappearing up north.  These big rocks get knocked down from time to time, but don't just mysteriously disappear!

When you put your rock out, choose a somewhat secluded location.  The deer need to feel comfortable, not fully exposed in a field.  We've had good luck by water sources, it seems to satisfy more than one need & boost visits!  We chose by a lake & drainage creek.

The deer will hit the rock hard when they're antlers are growing.  That's why now is an IDEAL time to place out some rocks.  It's also beneficial to nursing does & wandering yearlings.

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