Monday, June 13, 2011


I found a gallery of really unique & funny trail camera pictures!  Some of this stuff is outrageous.  What was life like BEFORE trail cameras anyhow???

Trail Cam Gallery

We have a few flying squirrel pics of our own, back when our trail camera was a 35mm film unit.  Boy does that seem like forever ago!  It all has me thinking, if we are in such a technology tailspin....WHAT'S NEXT???  New products flood the market every year, and some of our old favorites go obsolete.

 I just had to special order my husband's Father's Day present online.  Nothing says love like 2 Gerber rib cage spreaders!!!  We own one, it's the best thing ever.  So why do you suppose they quit stocking them? I guess I should move on & get with the program, or stock up on the gear we love!

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