Thursday, June 23, 2011

Locator Turkey Calls

I am not a turkey hunter, but my husband and son are.  My question is: HOW THE HELL DOES A OWL CALL WORK ON A TURKEY?

Maybe I'm not the only person trying to figure this out.  So, here are some helpful explanations.
Turkey Locating

So, now I've learned it is an odd tactic that simply elicits a response from toms.  Now, here is the real deal, if you're wanting to get good.  I love this video, by the way.  So cool.
Barred owl

Now THIS fella know his stuff!
Turkey call options & advice

Locate with an owl call BEFORE daylight, possibly even the night before. That's good advice.  Also, be aware any sound you make is potentially gonna bust you.  Don't over do it, this a lesson ALL hunters will learn.  It's easy to get bored and over call.

Here is a photo I took on June 20th on my way to work.  I whipped a cookie when I spotted him roosted on someones hunting shack.  He flew off into a tree, but still close enough to see. 

If you didn't get a spring turkey...then start dreaming of a fall one!

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