Thursday, August 30, 2012

Must Read

It recently stuck me that I rarely read product packages.  I'm guilty of being a skimmer or scanner.  If it isn't in bold letters, I'll probably miss it.  Can you relate?  Even worse, my skimming can lead to partial facts or unnecessary confusion.

This all came to my mind one day when I noticed the back of Victory Arrow boxes state we should "Inspect arrows for damage prior to every shot".  How's that for a disclosure?  A handy sticker on front explaining the new "ICE" finish.  Have you heard of it?  They've been coated with Victory ICE for less pulling effort and greater penetration.  It also claims to increase arrow speed & less affected by wind!

Package labels can be so necessary.  The Nockturnal lighted nocks feature a size guide on the back.  We reference it ALL THE TIME!  Also, notice the bottom right....

I now know they are from the makers of Rage Broadheads.  That's a reassuring selling point!

Some packages seem like an endless paragraph.  In my head, I'm thinking "blah blah blah".  However, you can read the claim that the Judo tip is "unloseable" . The company has endured since 1938.  A personal signature adorns the box.

Rage broadheads sport a visual feast for the eyes.  You WILL know everything about this broadhead and HOW it works.  The exploding bubble tells how they "Redefine VITALS" by expanding the kill zone (allowing for more human error).  I like the sound of that!  Buck fever gets me every time.  And who doesn't favor the money back guarantee?  I wish everything came with that!

Packaging shows if the product is made in the USA and warranty details. Tru-Fire states they would like any defective products shipped directly to them and not brought to the dealer.  How often does a company offer to handle all problems directly? 

I hope you've considered spending a few extra moments soaking in the wealth of information on our products in the shop or at least what you have at home!  Safety details are of the utmost importance when it comes to any hobby involving weapons.

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