Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Updates

Cabin fever has set in rather hard this year.
It seems like record low temps & ample
snow have most hunters complaining
of how they were "robbed"
of the late season hunting.  
Sign up for the winter archery league
at Northridge next week.  It'll get you
away from the Outdoor Channel reruns.
You'll improve your shooting
and visit with others about the crappy weather.
I just wanted to remind folks that the
MN DNR is advising us to NOT feed the deer.
Please read this article about the topic:
I never knew "grain overload" was an issue!
Other News:
Bowtech will be announcing the new product line
 on Monday at the ATA show in Tennessee.
Watch their website or Youtube for updates!
They have really cool apparel online,
so check that out too. I'm loving the hat clips!
Plus they carry Carbon Knight shirts & have
a sketched bow shirt on clearance!
Isn't the youth jack-a-lope shirt adorable???
 BowTech Youth Jack-A-Lope TeeB80236-Youth

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