Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wild Goose Chase

This isn't archery related,
but any outdoors man will get a kick out of it!
There was a evil scheme to ruin my peaceful morning view.
The plan was: one guy shoot from the dock landing to
get the flock airborne & nail them as they fly over the
ambush location (beaver dam).
The geese took off in the exact opposite direction than expected.
One goose was frozen to the ice or something.  He was caught in the
shot intended to flush them & accidently hit!
Then began the WILD GOOSE CHASE.
Our partially frozen lake was not safe for the overweight
hunting dog or anyone for that matter!
Idea #1~ snag the goose with a fishing lure.

Epic Fail.

Idea #2~risk lives by breaking ice with canoe.

special note~ make brother-in-law do all the work,
after all he did shoot the goose!

Here is a 4 second video of the process..
my camera card was almost full.
And a heartfelt photo of Jason's concern for Steve's frostbite.
He's sharing his gloves.

Only in Minnesota.

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