Monday, January 7, 2013

the eXperience

They've unveiled the 2013 Bowtech
Photo: Experience the difference for yourself!!/BowTechArchery

This bow shoots 335fps & has a 7 inch brace height.
They have an enticing description that any hunter
would pause to hear...

"Talk is cheap, so Experience The Difference
with the smoothest drawing,
quietest shooting,
most forgiving bow we’ve ever made.
High-performance and ultimate stealth collide,
crafting a genuine hunting bow.
 It’s “more than more accurate”
so you can absolutely rely on your shot.
 Every time.
Choose the bow that will enhance your entire
Experience instead of just getting you by.

Eat, breathe, shoot.
 Live the superior archery Experience like no other.
 It’s as simple as that."

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