Thursday, October 4, 2012

hard CORE

Ah yes...lots going on in the archery business.  Diamond has come out with a affordable ($499 MSRP) bow called:


This bow comes ready to shoot (RAK) & is adjustable from 40-70 pounds.  It's a bow you can grow with!  That feature is also nice if you crank it down fom league or need to beef it up to moose hunt!

It's light as a feather too, only 3.2 pounds.  Seriously, can they make one any lighter?  WOW.

The brace height is 7.25 for those who need a forgiving bow (myself included!).  It hardly gets any better than that. 

We've ordered a Core.  Keep watching this blog for all the new bow updates!


Sidenote:  The Infinite Edge (previous blog post) comes in 3 finishes, including pink! All the specs are officially posted at Diamond~ Infinite Edge

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