Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nose Jammer

The title says it all.  We've been contacted by Nose Jammers.  The idea here is more than just scent elimination.  The product claims to give the nearby big game a scensory overload without alarming them. That sounds like impressive science to me!

We can get their  products through our general supplier, but it's a good think N.J. called us.  With so many products now days, they sometimes get lost in the crowd or go unnoticed.  I had never heard of them.

N.J. has an informative blog.  You can also watch several videos on Youtube.  I watched a few & one even hangs dirty underware (from the gym) in a tree up wind & sprays them!  Yikes.  Many shop owners will vouch for the product too!

This company is out of Winona Minnesota, so we're excited about trying it!    The 2oz bottle runs $5.99 & 6oz is $12.99.  They also provide deoderant, detergent & body wash.  A pro-pack is 4 products for $36.99.

Nose Jammer® Field Spray

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