Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jason's Job

Hi folks.  I have a super boring post for you here on the blog today.  I know we've been pretty quiet online.  Our computer has crashed twice this month.  The main blogger is working 6 days a week & just a bit to busy for posting much.  However, there is news with our shop hours. Starting June 6, Jason's "real" job hours change & he will now be working the 2pm-10pm shift on Tuesdays through Saturday.   This is not so condusive to running a shop, since most of you like to come in the afternoons.  You still can do afternoon visits (call ahead) on Sudays & Mondays.  Otherwise he'll be sqeezing visits in before 1:00pm the other days.  The 2nd Wed & 3rd Tues of every month is his training at work and he does then have a 6am-3pm shift.  We've very sorry for this inconvenience, but having him on the midnight shift for work just was NOT fun ( for him, kids or me).  Don't forget you can catch him at the 3D shoots.  The next one is June 23 & 24.  Give him a heads up of products or tools you might need him to bring out, if you have something specific in mind. 

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