Friday, March 9, 2012

State Shooters

Just a few reminders to state tournament shooters:

If you need arrows or other items please let us (Jason/Jane) know ASAP so we can order product accordingly.  Hip quivers are also necessary, but you could also just borrow one.

Don't forget to preregister with the MSAA by March 24th to save $5.  This would have come in the mail.

Practice often & around other shooters.  Try shooting next to a lefty person, you might be placed face to face with one (or if you're a lefty, you might be used to it!) Busy nights at the range are a helpful atmosphere.

Scope out Bemidji online to see what food & shopping are available.  Print some handy coupons.  Last year some of us did a little bowling.

Shooters from last year, dig out your Otter Trail Archery/ Northridge Archery Range orange shirts.  We are wearing the same shirts as last because we had enough left for all the new people shooting this year. We want to use them up! If yours is worn out, check with Jane, Jason or Al to see if we have any more in your size. 

Bring your Northridge & Otter Trail Archery hats too, even if you only wear them around the hotel!

Pack up your spare release, if you have one.  Bring plenty of arrows.  A pocket wrench may be handy for practice shoot tweaking, since the lighting will be different from Northridge.  Practice shooting does cost extra.

Try and mark you bow case with an easy-to-spot sticker, tag, or even spray paint.  It's very hard to find YOUR black case among 1000 others!!!

Allow some extra cash on the trip for souvenir MSAA tee shirts, pins, patches or coats.  There is a snack & beverage window there, but bringing your own is another option.

If bringing kids, throw in a deck of cards, DS, book, or other items to occupy the down time.  There is a lot of sitting involved.

Don't forget the CAMERA!  All shooters have good odds of winning & this is a memorable event! 

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