Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shed Head

You may have heard the term "sled head"  but how about "shed head"? Those who have spent time hunting for antler sheds might know the addiction involved.  The feeling of "if I just look in the next clump of trees"  or "I just have a few more areas to check".  Soon one weekend turns into several months of weekends searching for the elusive antlers.

I've been out looking three times already.  This may or may not ultimately contribute to my overall success.  Some say, if you look too soon you might spook the buck into another area.  I saw an antlered deer February 1st, so my odds of any finds currently are marginal.  But when you can't stand the waiting period, curiosity might get the better of you.

To fuel the fire, visit Go Shed Hunting.  This is a great place to get a good idea of what's being found.  Beware, you might leave the blog with a moderate case of jealousy!

With no snow this year, it's been easy walking & nothing is buried!  I enjoy getting out.  Here is some of the sights in the woods.

If you want more information on sheds, visit these blogs.

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  1. My sister has found two nice sheds in the last week, so they are starting to drop up there. Good luck!