Sunday, January 8, 2012

WHERE do they hide?

It seems like a cycle, every few years the rumor of a huge buck in our area spreads.  Yes, even a half mile from town, the big old bucks thrive.  Now, a large one has been seen on the actual property we hunt.   It's about a week after bow season has ended.  What I want to know is~ where was he all summer & fall?  If he's as big as they say~ where was he the last TWO summers & falls.  No one said hunting is easy, it's often frustrating & exhausting.  Even if you do get a trail camera picture of a big buck, there is no guarantee that anyone in your hunting party will ever see it.  Sneaky bucks.

I'm having post hunting depression.  The news of a big buck isn't helping!  At least during the season, you have the option to hunt!  Time may restrict hunters from actually getting out in the field.  But now, it's over and there is nothing we can do about it.  Shooting league will pacify me a little.  Do you get restless this time of year & yearn to search for antlers?

Our friend found a matching pair from a fork horn in December, so the antlers are already starting to drop.  This rumor will give the boys and me plenty of inspiration for snow less winter walks! 

Maybe he looked like this. . .  . . . . .  .

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