Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some Big Ones

I want to take some time to look at some monster *archery* deer taken this year.  They're inspiring photos and deserve a few jealous glances at the least!  Click on the links to read all the great stories!

1.  Kings Outdoor World ~ Possible new world record mule deer from Canada!

Source: Kings Outdoor World

2.  Kings Outdoor World ~ Utah record mule deer (220 gross)!

Chad Kulow Archer State Record Utah Buck
Source: Kings Outdoor World

3. North American Whitetails ~ A massive typical white tailed deer from Wisconsin!

Source: North American Whitetails & Brian Inda
4. Wired To Hunt ~ The 17 point buck from Fond du Lac walked in front of the wrong beginner bowhunter!

Source: Wired To Hunt

5. ~ Here is a compiled list of FIVE more dandy bucks taken earlier this season.

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