Monday, May 23, 2011

Brusher for rent

We are building some new tower deer stands this spring at our land up north.  It's a great time to get hunting land work done & make improvements.  I just want to mention a recent discovery I made.

You can rent a self propelled brush cutter at LaRose Greenhouse in Finlayson.  The Kawasaki DR is an All Terrain Mower.  The cost is $30 for half a day & $50 for the whole day. 

Just think of the shooting lanes you could cut!  This would also keep your four wheeler trails open.  One thing about this unit, is that it'll fit into hard to reach places on your property.  It also won't sink or get stuck as bad as heavy machinery, such as tractors.  It's cheaper on gas to haul this puppy, verses a tractor. 

It's easy to get busy, let summer slip by, and all of the sudden it's deer opener!  So, start thinking of what you CAN do right now.  It will help pass them time, make you feel proactive & you'll be ready to rock this fall.

 If you'd like more information, please shoot us an email or call.

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